GeoDyn - DGPF 2022 scan offer

DGPF 2022 - GeoDyn scanning offer

GeoDyn will bring a PromptSCAN M2 photogrammetric aerial scanner to the DGPF conference and are offering all participating organizations to scan an aerial film at 12.5um for free.
Bring your (one) film to the GeoDyn booth on Wednesday 5th morning and pick it up before 3pm on 6th. Films will be scanned in the order they are received. Image previews will be made available when the film is picked up and full resolution images delivered a few days later.

If you are interested please write to prior the 5th October with the following details on the film you will bring:

- Panchromatic/color
- Negative/positive
- Approx length (max 120m for this offer)

No film cleaning is available so please ensure the film is suitably clean.
If the film is spliced please ensure the splices are well maintained.
Note the digital images will remain the copyright of the original film owner and only provided to respective organization. All backups will be deleted within 30 days of delivery.

PromptSCAN is a photogrammetric aerial film scanner for the fast digitizing of aerial film archives. For more information see