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High Speed Aerial Film Scanner
Very high scanning speed
2 seconds per frame for panchromatic film, 3 seconds per frame for color
15um scanning resolution
Capture the full information even for VHRAF films like Kodak Panatomic-X.
Panchromatic CCDs
Each pixel is uniquely captured. Bayer CCDs not used
True Color RGB
Separate exposures for Red Green and Blue channels
12Bit/Channel Dynamic Range
Capture full dynamic range of film
24x24cm (9 ½ inch) Scan area
Full fame including tile strip information
Accurate to better than 5um r.m.s.e.
Obtained through precision engineering and no moving scanner parts
Automated Accuracy Assessment
Accuracy checked and re-calibrated for every film
Automated Film Transport
Fast, accurate frame position sensing for even the heaviest of films
Progressive Film Flattening
Reduce occurrence of Newton rings
Support for Cut film and Contact Prints
Manual insertion enables about 10 frames per minute
Engineered for Reliability
Minimal moving parts, system monitoring and quick to replace parts
Simple Operator interaction
Automated for minimal training and easy accuracy assessment
Fast Storage
Raw Image stored to removable disks at sustained 500MB/s
PROMPT Preview
Provides rapid mechanized spooling through films to check for film artifacts, deionize film, remove dust or dirt and determine optimum exposure for film parts.
High speed post processing
Process captured imagery to required resolution and enhancement.
Optional Image Dodging
Adaptive enhancement to remove light fall off and vignetting
Color Correction
Obtain correct color from negative films
Optical Character and Fiducial Recognition
Enables automated frame naming and system accuracy assessment
Multiple Output Formats
TIF/MRF/COG formats, None/Deflate/LERC/JPEG/JPEG12 compression, with or without overviews
A full description of PROMPT SCAN MK2 and other Geodyn offering see our download page