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From Image Layers to Apps

The image services enable the full information content of the aerial imagery to be accessible as temporal image layers through web browser, portable devices or desktop applications. For the full value of the imagery to be realized, these apps need to be customized to the specific needs of an organization. GeoDyn can quickly configure apps to each user’s requirements and make access to the temporal aerial imagery as simple as zooming into a location in space and time by selecting the required date.

From Image Layer to Information

Massive amounts of valuable information are locked away within the aerial imagery. The apps that GeoDyn provide enable any user to zoom in, look at and interpret the information. However, for wider analysis it is necessary to interpret and extract information layers. Due to the source being aerial film, computers are not capable of accurately interpreting such imagery, but the human brain has evolved over millennia to do this very efficiently as long as the appropriate tools are available. GeoDyn develop digital collection procedures that are simple, scalable and quick. They enable the very rapid collection of information layers from the aerial imagery with the appropriate accuracy and attribution for the required analysis. Do you want to know the extent of forests from a specific year, the boundaries of villages, the locations of buildings for roads? These information layers are the basis of knowledge and effective decision making. Here we emphasize the usage of aerial photography for anything older than 10 years, the period before suitable satellite imagery has been generally available. GeoDyn‘s capture procedures can be used to obtain this data quickly from the aerial imagery using trained interpreters or crowdsourcing. The capture can be done by your own organization or GeoDyn can source the required personnel.