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Intelligent Simplicity - Fast analogue/digital conversion of aerial photography

The analog to digital conversion is the precondition to the comprehensive analysis of the past. To enable this data conversion GeoDyn has designed equipment that speeds up this process by an order of magnitude in comparison to traditional film scanning. The necessary equipment has been designed, developed and manufactured over the last two years at GeoDyn’s development unit in Austria.

The system is based on technology similar to that used in modern, large format aerial camera systems. Multiple simultaneous pictures are captured by an array of high resolution cameras and the resulting 20µm imagery is stitched together into seamless images with an accuracy of 1/3 pixel. The processing is performed using the full dynamic range of the cameras and includes extensive correction for lens distortions, light fall off and colour adjustment.

In addition to the films, the available photo indices and all film details are scanned, georeferenced and converted into digital photo indices that provide a spatial digital catalog of image availability.