GeoDyn Technology

GeoDyn Slogan

GeoDyn develops the expertise, procedures and equipment to extract information from the immense amount of multi-temporal aerial photography, most of which is lying dormant in archives all over the World.

Access to these data, can provide unparalleled insight into our past activities, and thereby reveal valuable information in how to tackle upcoming challenges.    

What we do

GeoDyn provides full-service aerial film conversion and georeferencing. In addition to the development of high speed aerial film scanners, GeoDyn has developed technologies that enable the rapid, efficient and accurate digitizing, georeferencing, rectification and delivery of aerial imagery. 

To fully exploit the potential of temporal aerial photography, films need to be transformed into accurate georeferenced image maps so that information can be extracted and analyzed in Geographic Information Systems.
GeoDyn’s PromptSCAN technology enables the digitization of aerial films at significantly higher speeds and at considerably lower cost than ever before possible, thus providing rapid and affordable access to huge data-stacks of archived aerial photography.

However, GeoDyn recognises that scanning is only the first stage of the process of making temporal data truly accessible and can offer the following supplementary services:

  • Image enhancement (dodging, color balancing, etc.) to obtain optimum visualization

  • Georeferencing to provide a photo index of image locations and scale

  • Aerial triangulation and block adjustment to obtain pixel level alignment

  • Orthophoto generation of both static base maps and dynamic ortho mosaics to provide accurate temporally overlapping imagery
  • Image server hosting to make imagery quickly accessible

  • Web map / application development to provide suitable visualization and exploitation experiences

  • Manual and automated feature extraction to obtain the information to make decisions

GeoDyn, in cooperation with Esri and based on decades of photogrammetric experience, has developed high-performance, automated procedures to accurately georeference and serve temporal image maps for multiple applications.

GeoDyn's Approach

Aerial photography was the main source of information for mapping operations and defense organizations for over 80 years, during which time the Earth was transformed by massive industrialization, urban growth and experienced numerous environmental changes. Millions of rolls of aerial film were captured during that time.

Once accurately scanned and georeferenced, these films provide a wealth of valuable information that enables us to determine the "What, Where & WHEN®" of past events. Using new machine learning and data-mining technologies, we can trace how our Earth has transformed, categorize the kinds of changes that have taken place and use that data to predict future trends.

GeoDyn, founded by a photogrammetrist with over 45 years of experience in the aerial survey industry, has the vision to unlock the information recorded in aerial films. Film archives around the world need to be converted into temporally sequenced maps so humanity can fully understand the Earth's geopolitical, climatic and industrial development over time. 



GeoDyn provides full-service film conversion and georeferencing. In addition to the development of high speed aerial film scanners, GeoDyn has developed technologies that enable the rapid, efficient and accurate conversion, georeferencing, rectification and delivery of aerial imagery.

Our staff proudly remains at the forefront of technical development in our field. We are specialized in developing the most efficient and economical forms of data acquisition. Each and every solution is adapted and custom-tailored to fulfil our customers' needs with maximum efficiency.

GeoDyn is a member of Esri Partner Network Gold to assure integration into the Esri geospatial cloud. All images are accessible as both temporal base maps and dynamic image services. This enables the full information content of the imagery to be accessed in a wide range of applications and machine learning environments.

Adding the WHEN to GIS

Geographic information systems are well-designed to provide a wealth of information for experts in the agricultural, environmental management, healthcare, and financial services industries, to name a few.
For many of these tasks it is essential to be able to take a look back in time and evaluate past events to understand the present and so better predict the future. GeoDyn brings in the TIME as the 4th dimension of GIS. 

For the first time, GeoDyn has made it possible to efficiently incorporate the temporal sequenced content for geographic information systems, by utilizing the archives of aerial films that have been collected over the last 100 years, but that are locked away in analog film archives.