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GeoDyn is a global operation with diverse locations for software development, equipment design, manufacturing and assembly of the latest versions of PromptScan hardware. The company was founded by Rolf Becker the founder of MAPS geosytems and is headquartered in Munich, Germany.
GeoDyn have implemented aerial film scanning projects on 4 contents. GeoDyn’s key staff are composed of leading former personnel from MAPS geosystems, with many decades of experience in successful aerial photography and over 250 mapping projects in 50+ countries worldwide. Our team is specialized in designing and implementing hardware, software and procedures that provide the most practical and economic solutions possible. 

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GeoDyn’s photogrammetric aerial film scanning and georeferencing services offer a one-stop solution for organization looking to transform their aerial film archives into a valuable asset. With our fast and accurate technology, fully automated procedures, and range of value-added services, we provide a solution that is practical and efficient. As an ESRI Gold network partner, we work closely with Esri using ArcGIS for image dissemination, visualization and analysis assuring .
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GeoDyn Technology Ltd.

Office 623, Building 6EA, DAFZ,
PO Box 371838
Dubai, UAE

Phone: +971 4 214 6270

Email: info@geodyn.com

GeoDyn GmbH

Pienzenauerstraße 58
81925 Munich
Germany, Europe

Phone: +49 89 21758880

Email: info@geodyn.com