Introducing PromptSCAN

GeoDyn proudly presents the PromptSCAN product line. These scanners enable the digitization of aerial photographs at significantly higher speeds and at lower cost than ever before possible, providing rapid and affordable access to huge data-stacks of archived aerial photography.



Now you can quickly and inexpensively convert your archived aerial films into a valuable asset. PromptSCAN is the next generation of analogue to digital converting devices that utilizes solid state camera design and advanced image processing to achieve what was once unattainable.

PromptSCAN M1

For smaller archives

Pixel size: 20 μm

FIlm transport: manual

PromptSCAN M2

For high productivity

Pixel size: 13 μm

FIlm transport: auto/manual

PromptSCAN M3

Configurable for special projects

Pixel size: 12 to 15 μm

FIlm transport: automatic