The M1 version is the base machine of the PromptScan product line and comes as a desktop device. It provides manual feeding of film rolls and cut films. The camera array is mounted on top of the machine providing an easily accessible work area.

PromptScan M1
PromptScan M1 Camera Array Head

High precision camera array, sensors and lenses.

The M1 uses an array of high precision industrial cameras, sensors and lenses. It accurately captures aerial pictures with a resolution of 20 μm (pixel size).

Downholder plate

Our downholder glass plates are manufactured to the highest quality standards. The high grade of flateness of our glasses provides an almost perfect suppression of Newton rings.
Four automated raisers lift the plate during every transport movement of the film.

PromptScan M1 Downholder plate
PromptScan M1 Panchromatic or Color Film Scanning

Panchromatic or Color

All PromptScan machines provide the full range of scanning modes. It doesn't matter if you want to digitize panchromatic or color films. The high dynamic range and adjustable color also enables accurate capture of red-based negative films.
Automated exposure control means you do not need to make any manual adjustments.

Manual film transport

We decided to offer scanning solutions for mostly every case. This version provides a simple manual solution for the film transport. An operator winds the transport wheel to the next relevant frame position and triggers the scanning process with a footswitch.

PromptScan M1 Manual Transport Wheel

M1 Specifications

Features Specifications
Project SizeOptimized for smaller archives with hundreds of films or general indexing
Pixel Size20 μm
Geometric Accuracy*10 μm r.m.s.
Maximum Film Size240 mm x 150 m
Maximum Frame230 mm x 240 mm
Film TypePanchromatic & Color 
(Bayer Filter)
Frame Capture Rate6 sec/frame 
(Pan & Color)
Focal Length50 mm
Film TransportManual
Frame PositioningManual
Shipping DimensionsPelican case
(115 cm x 65 cm x 42 cm)
Shipping Weight45 kg (approx.)
RentalMonthly Lease + Unity Rate per Frame
Optional FacilityCut film frames /
Contact print feeder
(S/O 300 mm width films)
Country of ManufactureEU / Austria

* Accuracy can be affected if film has dents or bulges reducing flatness. PromptScan M2 does not move the camera or film during capture, so need not define the movement precision. Accuracy is defined as the mean deviation of the final pixels from a linear (affine) transform applicable for photogrammetric applications.

Product specification are subject to change without notice to enable further improvements.

PromptScan M1

For smaller archives

Pixel size: 20 μm

Geometric Accuracy: 10 μm r.m.s.e.

FIlm transport: manual

PromptScan M2

For high productivity

Pixel size: 13 μm

Geometric Accuracy: 2 μm r.m.s.e.

FIlm transport: auto/manual

PromptScan M3

Configurable for special projects

Pixel size: 12 to 15 μm

Geometric Accuracy: 3 μm r.m.s.e.

FIlm transport: auto/manual