The M3 is the flagship of the PromptSCAN product line and comes as a stand-alone device. The camera array is placed inside the machine and configurable for variable height, cameras and lenses. Based on the required film dimensions the resolution can be varied between 10 and 15 μm. The feed of film rolls is strictly automatic. The M3 version is optimized for large and specialized projects requiring custom configurations.

High precision camera array, sensors and lenses

The M3 uses an array of high precision industrial cameras which accurately captures aerial images with a resolution of 15 µm (native pixel size) for 23 cm (9”) format films (12 µm for 5” format films).

Downholder plate

Our downholder glass plates are manufactured to the highest quality standards. The high grade of flateness of the glass provides an almost perfect suppression of Newton’s rings.
Four automated raisers lift the plate during every transport movement of the film.

Panchromatic or Color

All PromptSCAN machines provide the full range of scanning modes. M3 uses mono cameras and a changing light source to enable full color resolution and maximum dynamic range. The high dynamic range and separate colors also enables accurate capture of red-based negative films.
Automated exposure control means you do not need to make any manual adjustments.

Automatic film transport

The M3 is equipped with a motorized system to automatically move the film forward from frame to frame and enable automated scanning. This is achieved realized using high precision stepper motors and optical sensors.

Low vibrations

We are using uniquely designed tension motors to reduce most of vibrations caused by the transport system to guarantee an almost oscillation-free and smooth operation.

Quick control of parameters

The 7" touch screen panel of the M3 allows you to control all important adjustment during the scanning process. Relevant values can be read and options can be changed during the process by using our easy to use and adjustable touch screen.

M3 Specifications

Features Specifications
Project SizeOptimized for large (>1Million frames) and special projects
such as reconnaissance films through changeable cameras and lenses. 
Pixel SizeVariable from 10 µm to 15 µm (native), but configurable depending on film size, camera and lenses.
Maximum Film Size240 mm x 150 m
Maximum Frame240 mm x unlimited
Film TypePanchromatic & Color 
Geometric Accuracy2 μm r.m.s
Frame Capture Rate**3 – 8 sec/frame  (Pan or Color)
Focal Length120 mm nominal / changeable
Film TransportAutomatic or manual
Frame PositioningAutomatic or manual
Shipping DimensionsEuro palette
(80 cm x 120 cm x 150 cm)
Shipping Weight150 kg (approx.)
RentalMonthly Lease + Monthly Rate per Frame
Optional FacilityCostum configurable
Country of ManufactureEU / Austria

** Defines the rate to capture each frame of a film including exposure, image download and film transportation when using automated film transport on standard aerial film with standard spacing between frames and minimal changes in auto exposure. Irregular frame spacing, film splicing or need for many varied exposures can affect times.

Product specification are subject to change without notice to enable further improvements.
Specifications accord to PromptSCAN brochure version 2022-11-25.